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Specialty Services

Air Conditioner Recharge Service : $150.00


The air conditioner uses a refrigerant gas (R134A). The gas has to go through four changes of state to produce cold air. The compressor changes the gas into a high pressure liquid which passes through the condenser, located near the car's grill. The condenser changes the high pressure liquid into a high pressure gas and causes heat (500*F) to be released. Then the high pressure gas passes through an expansion valve where the high pressure gas changes into a low pressure liquid, and then into the evaporator where the low pressure liquid changes into a low pressure gas and absorbs great amounts of heat which cools the air.


Repair or correction to the air conditioning system is handled by federal law in a closed system in which no refrigerant can escape into the atmosphere. The repair itself is a recharge for the air conditioner and detection of possible leaks, replace defective parts and recharge the system.

Battery (new starting at $135):

A battery change is different on today's car. Todays car has at least one computer in it, and premium cars have three to five. They control the engine, transmission, air bag system, braking system, heating/air conditioning, creature comforts, and the security alarm. All of these are powered by the battery.

You can't allow a vehicle to go without a 12V source because the computers will go down, the memory and other functions would be erased, and radio would go into CODE. Worst case will be that the car will no longer run and must be brought to a dealer for reprogramming. Which means $$$.

Before we replace your battery, we install a secondary battery to retain a 12V presence to ensure your car's computers are not erased. We use Interstate batteries, and stock the Megatron and Megatron Plus. These units carry a 7 year warranty and 18 month free replacement for any reason.

The use of cheap batteries in today's cars is a big mistake!  A cheap battery looks and fits like your original but is lacking in ruggedness and the ability to bounce back after a simple mistake like leaving your lights on overnight. Additionally, today's cars have computers that require a quality battery.

Brake Job : $180.00/axle (most)

Job Details:

We use Ceramic brake pads, which has a lifetime warranty on wear out. Actual brake life is approximately 80,000 miles. We disassemble the wheel, clean and lube moving hardware, ensure the threaded fasteners are in good condition, general check on hydraulics in brakes, and check front and back so the integrity of the hydraulic system is ensured. The modern car is designed to be a lightweight vehicle. The rotors are also more lightweight and therefore their durability has decreased. Because of this fact, most cars will need a new set of rotors with a brake job.

Lathe: $25.00 per rotor

Diesel Engine Repairs

Richard is an expert in diesel engine repairs, specifically the Ford 6.0. Call Richard if you are having any trouble with your diesel engine vehicle.

Flat Tire Repair : starts at $10.00

For punctures and small rips we use a plug that vulcanizes itself to the tire. It seals to the tire at a chemical level. These plugs can also seal rips and slices in sidewall. The success rate is 99% and it is a permanent repair.

Fuel Injection Service : $120.00

This service is a component of a general tune-up. The vehicle's fuel delivery and fuel return line are opened. These lines are connected to a high power pumping system. We use a super detergent additive. The process removes particles trapped in the individual injector inlet screen, and removes dirt jammed into the injector nozzle. The detergent is non-flammable and is capable of breaking down carbon deposits on intake valves and the combustion chamber. The detergent then moves downstream and cleans the oxygen sensors and the catalytic converter. The overall result restores the precision of the fuel injector, substantially reduces emissions, and eliminates operational flaws, without major disassembly or new parts.

Lube, Oil, and Filter

We use a Premium WIX Oil Filter for every vehicle, and EP grease for lubrication. The exception would be large vehicles that take more oil, or a higher priced filter. Pricing is based on a 4 qt oil change. The exception would be larger vehicles that require more oil or a higher cost filter.

Oil Changes
Conventional Oil Change
Generic 10W40, like the oil your Dad used in his Oldsmobile. This service has a safe life of about 3,000 miles.
Semi-Synthetic Oil Change
Kendall Semi-Synthetic Oil is available in grades 5W20 (for new vehicles) to 20W50 (for vehicles with high mileage). This service has a safe life of about 8,000 miles.
Synthetic Oil Change
Amsoil Fully Synthetic Oil is available in grades from 0W50 to 20W50. Amsoil reduces engine wear to near (0) zero, and increases gas mileage on most vehicles from 10% to 40%. This service has a safe life of about 15,000 miles for used cars and up to 30,000 miles for new cars. For more information about Amsoil, visit their website.
Pre-Purchase Inspection : $125.00 (refundable)

Purr-Fect Auto offers a quality Vehicle Inspection that is truly bumper to bumper. We include a complete Vehicle Computer checkout; Engine Compression + Condition; Transmission Performance; Steering + Suspension Checkout; Tires, Wheels + Brake Checkout; Lights and all Driver Controlled equipment Checkout. In general, I will be looking for the signs of excessive wear or abuse. The intention is for you to be advised on the mechanical quality of a vehicle you are about to purchase or sell.

Refundable - Bring the vehicle to me for the needed repair or service and I will refund 10% of the total repair cost (up to $125.00).

Tire Services

I decided years ago to add these "Tire Store" services due to cost complaints and poor quality of high volume centers.


Remove and Remount: $20

Breakdown of wheel and tire assembly to change out either the tire or the wheel for any reason.


Balancing : $15 / wheel

The precision addition of weights to the wheel to counteract any tire or wheel imbalance and eliminate wheel vibrations.


Alignment : $75

Alignment of all four wheels to the center line of the vehicle to ensure straight travel.



Tune-Up : $200.00 to $500.00

Basic hardware consist of:

  • New spark plugs
  • New air filter
  • New fuel filter
  • Change oil and filter for both the engine and transmission

Items such as points and condenser, distributor cap & rotor, ignition wires, setting distributor timing, setting carburetor adjustments, are all from the distant past. The computer-controlled vehicle of today will go approximately 60,000 miles between tune-ups. Most performance problems are not actually tune-up issues. More often they are problems with sensors and actuators, which are computer-fed. General cost is dependent on the engine's size and layout.

Undercoating Protection

Undercoating helps prevent moisture and road salt from getting into exposed areas under your vehicle causing corrosion and damage.

The first step is to remove rust scale build-up down to the parent metal. Next, spray with paint to seal the exposed metal surfaces. This is followed with the spraying of a premium rubberized undercoating to all under-body surfaces exposed to road salt and sand.

Pricing is quoted per job.


ARC welding is the melting of heavy steel plate to repair or fabricate a basic structure.

MIG welding is the melting of two metals using a shielded electrode to repair or fabricate sheet metal.

Brazing is the melting of a bronze rod coated with an acid flux used to join both similar and dissimilar metals.

Pricing is quoted based on materials and labor.