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About Richard

Richard is a natural born mechanic. He has fixed things since he was 8 years old. His first car was a 55 Dodge. This Dodge needed major repairs and improvements. Friends and neighbors noticed Richard's natural skill and enthusiasm. This led to a steady flow of automotive work. When his car needed repairs that he couldn't handle, he would bring it to other mechanics but usually was unsatisfied with their work, so he learned how to do it himself. When he was 24 he got a degree in business administration. He worked as a business professional for about 10 years. However, he had a strong draw to automotive service so he decided to purchase an automotive related buisiness. He bought an auto parts store, and would sometimes tell the customers how to install the parts they needed. A majority of the customers saw he was proficient in auto repair and suggested he install it for them. He realized that his draw to mechanics was strong, and has now been working as a mechanic for 30 years.

Since car trends change from year to year, Richard keeps up with the new advances with technical manuals, as well as hands-on work.

He has developed his own "code of conduct"--always give the customers what they want. He shapes the repair to the specifications of the customer. He also explains how the systems are repaired. That makes the customers more comfortable because they know and understand what's being done.

Richard has passion for providing only the highest quality parts. This ensures all repairs will be done right the first time and will last!


What People Say:

I bought my vehicle from a car dealer. They send me service notices and I think that they would be the best place to bring my vehicle for service.


What Purr-fect Auto says:

Good idea after the initial purchase for the no charge services and for updates and recalls. But remember that their "Main Business" is selling cars! Getting you back to sit and wait and maybe wander through the showroom is their ultimate goal.

Although a car dealer may have good mechanics, the cost of dealership repairs is almost always much higher than any local mechanic. Additionally, you most likely will never meet or even speak with the dealer's mechanic that worked on your car. You will just have to "trust" that the mechanic is properly trained and correctly diagnosed and fixed the problem. Dealership mechanic work for the dealership and are their to make them money. 

At Purr-fect Auto, we are here to help you! We get to know our customers and they get to know us. We have fair prices, will explain the problem and provide the "right" solution - not the one that will make us the most. And we will never suggest or perform unnecessary repairs. We are here for the life of your vehicle and will always focus on the big picture!



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