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Prepurchase Inspection

Before buying your next pre-owned vehicle, be sure to bring it to Purr-Fect Auto for a Prepurchase Inspection. For only $125, Purr-Fect Auto provides a quality Vehicle Inspection that is truly bumper to bumper. We include a complete Vehicle Computer checkout; Engine Compression + Condition; Transmission Performance; Steering + Suspension Checkout; Tires, Wheels + Brake Checkout; Lights and all Driver Controlled equipment Checkout. In general, we look for signs of excessive wear or abuse. The intention is for you to be advised on the mechanical quality of a vehicle you are about to purchase.

We also suggest having an inspection on any vehicle you will be selling.

The cost of the Prepurchase Inspection is REFUNDABLE!  Bring the vehicle to me for any needed repairs or service and I will refund 10% of the total repair cost - up to $125.00.

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