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Auto Repair

Computer Diagnostics

Today's vehicles are controlled by multiple computers. We have the ability with our in-house computer system to plug into any vehicle's Data Link Connector (DLC) and gain access to any of your car's computers such as the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and Transmission Control Module (TCM).

Once connected, we can read any error codes along with live operational data which gives us a clearer path to solving any computer problem  you car may have. Our computer diagnostic and repair success rate is over 90%!

Purr-Fect Auto - Wilbraham

Welcome to Purr-fect Auto, an automotive repair facility in the center of Wilbraham, MA, owned and run by Richard Cardano. The purpose of this site is to inform current and potential customers of what exactly comes with certain repairs so they know what they will get and for what price.

Our Mission is to provide the best service using quality products at a fair price to all.

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